Whether you're considering selling your home or simply wanting to complete so major projects, it is vital to consider the time of year to complete projects.  As there are always indoor and outdoor things that need your attention, being thoughtful about the timing of these projects can help make the entire process smoother.  Here are some projects specifically for summer, and why they should be done then.

During the heat of summer, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time in a hot kitchen, so why not complete your kitchen renovation then?  Use the grill instead!  Careful planning and getting ahead of hiring a contractor will help ensure that the project is complete before fall rolls around.  An added bonus is that, if the project extends to mid-fall, that’s when new appliance models hit the showroom…meaning discounts on last year’s models!

During summer is an ideal time to spruce up the outside of your house with new paint.  Did you know that exterior paint is designed to perform at its best when there is minimal temperature difference between daytime and nighttime?  If you want to hire this job out, schedule your contractor early; they will all be busy.  If you prefer the sweat-equity approach, make sure you track the sun’s movement on your house; paint on the shady side!

House needs a new roof?  Summertime is the time for this project.  Roofing contractors are busiest from mid-summer to early fall, so schedule them well in advance.  But the real advantage here is that roofing materials seal best at higher temperatures.

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Larry & Christy